Important Notice Matches and Training

Dear Members

Following the advice given by the Government of Jersey, and now also the UK Kennel Club regarding their directive that all dogs shows and events are cancelled until at least the end of June 2020, we have taken the decision to cancel our Matches and Training until the end of June in order not to put our members at risk.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience these measures cause but we would rather everyone stays as safe as possible. We will keep everyone updated with any new information as it becomes available.

Thank you to everyone that has been so understanding, and we hope all our members and friends stay healthy and safe.

Committee of The Kennel Club of Jersey

Notice to Members – Refunds

All Show Entry fees including after show dinner paid by BACS will be refunded by cheque.
All cheques received will be destroyed.

Agility Dog of the Year cheques banked or paid by BACS will be refunded by cheque.

Please be patient as this will take a few days to arrange but should you have any queries please email me on

Urgent Communication from Committee for all Members

It is with great sadness that the Kennel Club of Jersey are issuing the following statement. Since Oct 2019, the KCJ Committee have been in dispute with two of our members over the non-granting of an affix after having followed the clear regulations relating to affixes within our constitution.

Despite, lengthy correspondence as well as a face to face meeting a compromise has not been found. The committee feel they have gone above and beyond to try and assist these two members particularly as there isn’t actually an appeals process. As these members decided to involve their lawyer the KCJ had no alternative but to refer the matter to our legal representatives which of course is and should be of concern as it is costly to the club.

Within the last 24 hours this has now led to our chairman, Margaret Bayes, MBE standing down after many years of service.

Additionally our main sponsors Raw N More have also withdrawn their long standing and generous sponsorship of the championship shows. With the loss of our main sponsor as well as legal bills this has all cost the club greatly following the actions of these two members.

The members concerned shall remain nameless for the time being as the matter is still with the lawyers as well as the committee’s decision to respect the fact that there is the additional possibility that further legal action could well be taken by another party. However, please be advised that the remaining committee members are pleased and totally committed to putting their support behind Helen Lester who now steps up to Acting Chair.

We hope it’s not too late for the club and will with Helen’s  leadership be working hard to ensure the continuance of this club whilst ensuring that our constitution and its regulations are upheld.

We would like to think that the membership will appreciate this communication and get behind the committee, thus helping to put an immediate stop to the appalling behaviour that has invaded our club following these recent events.

Kennel Club of Jersey Committee