Please note the following in regards to requesting a stand at upcoming shows to sell your goods.

If you would like a stand at one of our shows, please email the Show Secretary, providing the relevant details. Upon receipt, the Committee will discuss your request, with any others, and will confirm whether you have been successful. If you are successful, the Show Secretary will forward you a contract letter. Upon receipt of the signed letter and funds, confirmation will be provided that a stand has been reserved for you.

Please do not assume that you will get a stand at all of our shows, the Kennel Club have received a lot of interest for next year, and these will be discussed on a show by show basis.

Thank you

KCJ 2018 Eye Clinic


The tests will once again be undertaken by Christine Heinrich DVOpthl. MRCVs
to be held at the Kenneth Faucon Memorial Hall St Saviour
on the 7th and 8th July 2018
For an appointment or more details please contact Margaret Bayes MBE – Tel. 744780
or email – registrar @
Any dog may be examined but in order to receive certification the dog must be microchipped


NEW Sponsors for KCJ Championship Shows

The KCJ Committee are pleased to announce that they have a new sponsor for all Championship Shows this year, – “RAW N MORE”

“As distributors of both Albion & Cotswolds dog foods, Raw ‘n’ More would like to wish everyone good luck this year and is delighted to announce their sponsorship of this years championship shows”

“Basil” picked to represent Channel Islands at Crufts Agility

Basil is a 3 year old Red and Tan Australian Kelpie.

As a pup  Basil was the most mischievous dog we have ever had, and still to this day is always “goofing “ around! One of the funniest things he did was chew his way out of a soft crate, when we got home he was looking at the other dogs as if to say ” I told them not to do it!”

We have 4 dogs in total, my husband Nick owns our Black and Tan Kelpie Sooty and competes at agility, and we have 2 Jack Russell’s, Bertie who’s 13 and retired and Benji who’s 1 and rules the roost!

I have done agility for 27 years, mostly with Jack Russell’s and for a short time with Border Collies.

I was first introduced to Kelpie’s years ago by my great friend Linda Wilson who came over to Jersey with her Kelpie Bradley to compete at a show, I simply fell in love with the breed.

Basil has the most amazing work ethic, he loves to please, loves to work and loves agility!!

As soon as I grab my shoes and his tuggy toy he jumps to life with so much enthusiasm!

This year has been amazing for us and it’s only the beginning! We started the season in May in the Uk as a grade 3 dog and by August and our last trip for the year Basil was Grade 5. In the Uk you are graded from 1-7 with 7 being the highest before Champ.

Aside from agility Basil loves his walks and cuddles on the sofa ( he makes the best hot water bottle!) and is quite happy to conserve his energy for agility training!

Qualifying for the large dog international invitation in March 2018, is a dream come true and we will do our best.

Basil’s preparation work has already started, we are very lucky to have so many professionals on and off the island  that are helping us.

Agility training- Louise Eden is a fantastic agility trainer and her own achievements with her dogs are phenomenal!  We are so lucky to have her on hand for training.

Hydro fitness- We are working with New era veterinary hospital to build up Basil’s fitness levels in their hydro walker.

Fit paws- We are working on strengthening Basil’s core muscles, Balance and conditioning.

He is regularly checked over by an Osteopath, Grace Newman from Weaver House osteopathy, she visits the island once a month and helps keep Basil in top form.

I would personally like to thank all the above professionals, my husband Nick, Debbie & Lee Broadhurst, Jo Beldon, and Linda Wilson for their continued support and friendship, and to all my friends that have helped and supported us!

We hope to do our very best for you all! One thing is for sure, Basil and I will enjoy our experience, and I will get to take the best dog home regardless.

Many thanks